Wednesdays – 22nd March, 29th March, 5th April and 12th April 2023

Saturdays – 10.00 to 14.00

22nd April, 29th April, 13th May and 20th May

Creative Photography with Eleanor Greenwood 4 week course at Craig-y-Nos country park Saturdays 22nd 29th April, 13th.20th May 10 – 14.00

Creative Photography

A good image is all about composition, telling your story in an image or series of images. How to make the viewer ‘read’ what you want them to by deciding what to keep in or keep out of your frame. Strong compositions are the foundation of great photography whether you are using a high end DSLR Camera or a smart phone.

Day 1 – Composition, framing, perspective.

Explore how framing your image in different ways creates different feelings and how connected or not the viewer is to the subject matter. Tuition on basic camera settings can be covered if needed.

Day 2 – Discovering other photographers

None of us work in a creative vacuum and finding photographers whose work you enjoy can help develop your own style. Discussing how a photograph works and what emotions and story it conveys builds on understanding of composition from the previous workshop.

Day 3 – Light and Depth

All photographs, whether digital or analogue require light. Explore using environmental light and how to bounce this for portraits, close ups and what inexpensive equipment can be used. On camera and off camera flash. Explore exposure and depth of field and what can be achieved with your camera.

Day 4 – Project

Using all that has been covered, create a series of images on a set theme and present to the group.

About the appeal:

Help us raise £2500 to provide nine free, healthy, creative, socially rewarding days in the Beacons, where Artists & Crafters will share their favourite spots for a walk, followed by a Craft Workshop, accompanied by coffee & cake. Taking place over 9 weekends, those who sign up for the walks will begin at the first venue where a workshop will also be taking place, and walk to the next venue, where the following weekend, another crafting workshop will take place, and so on.

In total the project will provide – 9 Walks, 9 Workshops, and 9 Healthy Days, leading up to the 9 days of the Beacons Open Studies Crafts Trail, taking place between 17th – 25th June.

We know that walking is immensely beneficial for our wellbeing and for our mental and physical health. Creativity is equally important, providing opportunities to learn new skills, develop confidence and increase our cognitive skills.

Both walking and making are also inclusive and help combat isolation, by meeting friends both old and new!

It will also be the precursor to more walks and workshops during the Open Studios Crafts Trail, where we intend to provide information on how to reach each venue by bus, bicycle, foot & public transport, as well as publishing walk and cycle routes from one venue to the next.

We hope that you are inspired to help us all achieve our aims, and help facilitate events which encourage better health, social activities, and help communities thrive.

Here are the winning photographs from the Adelina Patti weekend at Craig y Nos which took place on the 22nd and 23rd October 2022. The winners received a 1st prize £50 gift voucher, and a 2nd prize £20 gift voucher for each of the three girls to spend in the Emporium. Well done to the winners and to everyone who took part. And a huge thank you to The Big Skill who organised and sponsored this wonderful event.

Runners Up
This one has been brilliantly edited by
Ade Levi